Working at Gulf Extrusions
Our Vision, Mission & Values


Our mission is to supply top-quality aluminum extrusion products and services to the world.


Our vision is to be the global aluminum extrusion center of excellence.


Innovation, integrity, and respect, define our culture, along with a strong management ethos and a proactive approach.

Gulf Extrusion Culture

The core of the Gulf Extrusion success has always lied in its winning corporate culture; that promotes growth and fosters innovation, and in its customer-driven strategy, that is guided by quality, creative solutions, and a non-stop search for better ways to serve our clients.

As a Gulf Extrusion with broad and diverse range of activities, we proudly managed to strike a balance between implementing modern growth strategies and nurturing human resources. Whether in industrial manufacturing, shopping malls and Real Estate, trading and business or financial investments, our primary goal is to make a profound and long-lasting impact on people’s daily lives, while maintaining the highest standards of corporate excellence. The Gulf Extrusion focuses on employee empowerment and creativity, with a focus on fostering a positive work environment and work-life balance for its employees.

We honour our commitment to quality, our vigorous involvement in the community, our continuous investment in technology, and above all, we celebrate the spirit of innovation that has proven to be the binding factor that makes Gulf Extrusions what it is today.


Gulf Extrusions has a strong focus on growing opportunities for talented UAE nationals, an important part of UAE’s Economic Vision 2030. The Gulf Extrusion provides an attractive work environment for citizens in all its entities.

The Gulf Extrusion works closely with government agencies, educational institutions, and other stakeholders to develop programs that promote Emiratisation. This includes initiatives such as training programs, internships, and targeted recruitment campaigns.

Gulf Extrusion’s entities are committed to Emiratisation initiative which create a positive impact on both their business and the wider society.

The Gulf Extrusion prides itself on being an employer of choice, with competitive pay and benefits in providing a service-oriented workplace across the UAE.

Diversity & Inclusion

Fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace in which employees can grow, develop and contribute at their full potential.

The Gulf Extrusion takes pride in its diversity and strives to create an inclusive environment, united by culture, knowledge and talent. The Gulf Extrusion focuses on creating a work environment that is respectful, inclusive, and values differences among individuals with an aim to promote equality, reduces discrimination, and creates a positive workplace culture that fosters innovation and engagement.

Gulf Extrusions uses multiple approaches and programs to encourage employee’s involvement in the workplace and their communities.

Awards & Accolades

Gulf Extrusions has been recognized as a leader in business and industry through prestigious awards such as, ‘One of the Top 5 Family Business in UAE 2022’, ‘One of the top 50 private UAE companies that contributes to the economic development of the UAE and MENA region’, ‘Most Innovative Conglomerate of the Year – UAE 2020’, ‘Most Innovative Manufacturing Company – UAE 2020’ and ‘Skills Development Programme of the Year – UAE 2020’.

The win is an inspiration that comes from the perception of creating a brighter tomorrow, which the leadership of Gulf Extrusions adopted as a base for business excellence.

Gulf Extrusions

When you join Gulf Extrusions, you’ll enjoy a range of attractive employee benefits.

Discounted Travel & Tickets

Professional Development

Competitive Remuneration & Benefits

Health & Wellness Programs

Discounted Travel & Tickets

The Gulf Extrusion provides employees with a robust travel department which supports all travel requirements. It is intended to help all employees to optimise the expertise of an ideally equipped travel department that benefits them to reduce costs associated with travel.

This include airline tickets, hotel reservations, airport transfers, holiday packages, travel insurance, car rental, train tickets or travel passes. with industry contacts and valuable experience to find and negotiate the best deals

Professional Development

With a proud heritage stretching over six decades,  Gulf Extrusion has demonstrated a commitment to providing the best environment for its employees to grow and excel. Today, this commitment has manifested in a number of programs and initiatives relating to employees personal development and trainings.

These programs are integral part of the Gulf Extrusion strategy that invests in human capital. It provides lot of professional development opportunities for their employees. Employees can take advantage of these opportunities to enhance their skills, knowledge, and career prospects within the organization.

Competitive Remuneration & Benefits

The Gulf Extrusion provides competitive remuneration and benefits package as the Gulf Extrusion values its employees and is committed to supporting their professional and personal growth and positioning itself as employers of choice.

By offering good salary packages and comprehensive benefits, Gulf Extrusion entities attracts and retains top talent, foster employee engagement, and creates a positive work culture.

Health & Wellness Programs

The Gulf Extrusion is committed to safeguarding the health and wellness of its employees. As part of our employee health and wellness programs, Gulf Extrusion organizes health and well-being campaigns in collaboration with various progressive health facilities in UAE focusing on all round employees wellness that encourages to adopt healthy lifestyle.

Gulf Extrusions
Recruitment Journey

As the largest conglomerate business Gulf Extrusion in the UAE,  aims to be an attractive employer, providing opportunities for our people to develop their skills and reach their potential in a work environment conducive to success. Here at the Gulf Extrusion, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive and diverse workplace that values talent from all backgrounds.

We value motivated and passionate individuals who want to make an impact and join our team of talented professionals. We believe in creating an exceptional candidate experience throughout our recruitment process. We are committed to providing timely feedback and open communication, ensuring that candidates are always aware of the application status. We also strive to ensure that every candidate has an equal opportunity to succeed.

Online Application

We encourage interested candidates to apply for our open positions through our online application system. Candidates can browse available positions and submit their application for consideration. This provides us with essential information about your qualifications, skills, and experience, allowing us to evaluate your fit for the role.

Screening & Shortlisting

Once applications are submitted, companies begin the screening and shortlisting process. Our recruitment team carefully reviews each application and assesses the candidate’s skills, qualifications, and experience. We then shortlist candidates who meet our criteria and invite them to the next stage of our recruitment process.


Shortlisted candidates are invited to participate in one or more interviews, depending on the position. You may also be asked to complete an online or written assessment. The purpose of the interview stage is to assess a candidate’s suitability for the position and cultural fit within the Gulf Extrusion. The interviews may be conducted in person or virtually and may involve various members of our team, including hiring managers and technical experts.


After the interview process, we evaluate each candidate’s performance and suitability for the role. We make a selection based on our assessment. This stage involves evaluating the interviewed candidates and offering the position to the one who best meets the company’s requirements. Upon completion of hiring formalities, we extend an offer to the successful candidate.

Gulf Extrusion Initiatives

We celebrate the spirit of togetherness, participation and success through our engagement initiatives

Employee Engagement

Corporate Social Responsibility

Rewards and Recognition

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A Legacy of Innovation: Gulf Extrusions Shapes the Future with Aluminum

Founded in 1976, Gulf Extrusions is one of the largest aluminium extrusion producers in the Middle East with an annual capacity of 75,000 mt. With two plants situated strategically adjacent to world-class aluminium smelters in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Gulf Extrusions serves customers throughout the GCC, Middle East, India, Africa, Europe and beyond.

With a reputation for innovation, Gulf Extrusions boasts tens of thousands of profile designs for architectural, transportation, engineering and structural applications. Its high standards of quality control and consistency also mean Gulf Extrusions has been selected for many prestigious projects such as Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Park in Saudi Arabia, the Strata SE1 building in London and Johannesburg Airport Expansion.

The core of Gulf Extrusions success has always rested in a corporate culture that promotes growth and fosters innovation through implementing latest product developments, new solutions and best practices of the aluminium applications in all sectors.We believe in systematically implementing the international standards for achieving excellence in all areas of our business and operations.

From the development and incorporation of cutting-edge technology to the creation of forward-thinking strategies, we thrive on innovating new solutions, seizing opportunities and raising the standards across everything we do at all business departments.

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