Aluminium is a lightweight, strong and non-toxic metal, but it does come with a downfall: it’s a highly conductive material. This is why it requires a thermal barrier upon application to create a barrier between the outside and the air inside. As a leader in the supply of energy efficient and sustainable window and door systems, we offer custom thermal break components that are capable of utilizing a broad range of insulating profiles with exceptional structural performance.
Under this process, the profiles of thermally broken systems are joined together by means of a rigid and strong glass fibred polyamide insulation strip which has very low conductance as well as high structural strength, minimizing the thermal conductivity of aluminium by 35%. With the help of this system, we are able to achieve challenging structural and energy requirements to help maximize the performance of your buildings. In addition to reducing the heat transfer between the inner and the outer sides of aluminium structures, it can also serve as a decorative aspect allowing bi-caloration. Whether you’re working on commercial building applications or high-end residential projects, our systems seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality.
Gulf Extrusions provides its customers with thermally broken architectural systems that preserve all the benefits of aluminium – such as strength, durability and stability – while conserving energy, reducing water condensation as well as noise pollution. Our Thermal broken systems offer increased thermal efficiency with higher shear and flexural strength characteristics over other equivalent systems, as well as allowing excellent system U-values. Not to mention, reducing energy consumption and extending the life of your structures is not only cost-effective but also environmentally responsible. Join the sustainability revolution by choosing Aluminum Thermally Broken Systems.

Available framing systems

The materials are received from the extrusion Department

Systems that are currently offered include:

  • SS-600 Hinged Systems
  • SS-900 Sliding Systems
  • Thermal Broken Curtain Wall Systems
  • Montana 120mm Sliding System

Benefits of Thermal Breaks

Reduced Condensation: A thermal break will minimize how much heat is lost from inside and how much cold is allowed through from the outside. Reducing cold spots and condensation forming.
Low U-Value: An aluminium window or door with a thermal break in it, will result in much lower heat loss through the framing.
Noise Reduction: By installing thermally broken windows and doors, you will be able to stop noise by up to 80%.
Durability: Thermally broken structures are low maintenance, last longer, and are non-corrosive.
Added Security: Provides additional security and protection for your property.