Powder Coating

Powder coating is a process involving the application of a dry, free-flowing powder in a variety of colors to aluminum surfaces; more specifically a compound of resin-hardener-pigment-filler used for surface finishing. What makes it a more environmentally friendly choice is the absence of a solvent used to maintain the binder and filler components in a liquid state, typically used in traditional liquid paint. These liquid solvents release environmentally hazardous volatile organic compounds. On the other hand, Powder painting is essentially a dry technology, which does not use organic volatile substance.
The powder can consist of either a thermoplastic or thermoset polymer, the latter producing a more robust and durable finish when compared to regular paint. Gulf Extrusions LLC offers a variety of grades of Thermosetting Powder coatings, including Epoxy, FBE, Epoxy- Polyester, Architectural Polyester, hybrids, Polyester, Super Durable Polyester, Polyurethane.
Powder coating leverages electrostatic application and subsequent heating to form a solid “skin” over the surface. Once the product is coated in the dry resin powder, the finish is cured in a large industrial oven that allows the powder to imbue itself to the metal, creating a uniform, thick and durable finish. This step gives the material additional resistance to chemicals, UV Rays, and cracking or chipping. Where conventional liquid methods would limit product customization, powder coating is available in the full spectrum of color, finishes and textures.

Powder Coating Benefits

The materials are received from the extrusion Department

  • Increased durability: Powder coated aluminium can last for many years with minimal maintenance.
  • Lasting protection: Powder coating offers high resistance toward heat, acids, humidity, salt, detergents, and UV.
  • Specialized finishes: Varieties of surface finishes (rough, smooth, texture) and a wider color and gloss range.
  • Environmentally friendly: Powder coatings emit zero volatile organic compounds (VOC), and production lines produce less hazardous waste than conventional liquid coatings.
  • Lower overall material costs: powder coating is cheaper as compared to traditional painting methods.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Powder coated items generally have fewer appearance differences with more consistent and durable surfaces.

Powder coating with Gulf Extrusion

We offer powder coating service for aluminum extrusions, machined aluminum components, and fabricated aluminium parts. Powder coating finds application in white goods (washing machines, refrigerators, etc.), bicycles, automotive and transportation components, office furniture, air conditioners, marine, and pipes, as well as building components, such as window frames, curtain walling, cladding, pressings, louvers, handrails etc.

At Gulf Extrusions LLC, we have a fully enclosed powder coating plant to avoid dust and inclusions on the surface. Our powder coating plant is equipped with precision instruments especially designed to control the quality of profiles and to ensure that the specifications set by local and international standards are met. Our extrusion plants have partnered with stable powder coating suppliers to ensure long-lasting color and appearance. Our powder coating finish promises high strength, high weather resistance, high corrosion resistance, and diversified designs.