Gulf Extrusions, one of the largest Aluminium Extrusions companies in Dubai and UAE, has marked the occasion of the UAE’s 52nd National Day with a packed programme of activities on 29th November, bringing together its vibrant community of employees and management as they honour the spirit of the union and national achievements.

Lights, decorations and flags have been installed along the company’s passages, parking area, departments and offices to mark this dear occasion. Senior management and staff from different walks of life, all gathered to celebrate the UAE National Day.

In an action-packed presentation where all departments could be hugely proud of their efforts, various departments in Operations have been visited by management and appreciated for their creativity, time and effort spent to decorate their offices and work stations with UAE Flags, photographs, creative ideas and designs which expressed their happiness of this precious occasion.

All employees enjoyed the presentations and cheered the teams in this fun-filled interactive and memorable activity.

With the spirit of hospitality and togetherness, the UAE National Day celebration gave everyone in attendance a truly memorable day with our employees who have played a major part in Gulf Extrusions continuous growth and outstanding successes.