Gulf Extrusions LLC’s state-of-the-art extrusion center offers immense extrusion capacity, from a small cut piece of a standard product to kits of bespoke items with specialized finishes, for any architectural and non-architectural applications. Extrusion allows you to take advantage of the metal’s many benefits, including its high strength-to-weight ratio, non-corroding properties, thermal conductivity, and recyclability.
Our goal is to produce precisely fitting aluminum profiles according to your individual needs.


Gulf Extrusions provides its customers with thermally broken architectural systems that preserve all the benefits of aluminium – such as strength, durability and stability – while conserving energy, reducing water condensation as well as noise pollution.
Systems that are currently offered include:

  • SS-600 Hinge Systems
  • SS-900 Sliding Systems
  • Thermal Broken Curtain Wall Systems
  • 120 mm Montana Series


Our cutting-edge anodizing line is capable of producing Natural, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Spectro (Blue, Green and Gray) finishes, meeting the standards set by QUALANOD – a quality label that guarantees high-quality Aluminium Anodizing.
Our state-of-the-art facility houses equipment capable of both electrolytic and organic immersion coloring processes to anodize parts in both standard and custom colors.

Powder Coating

Gulf Extrusions LLC offers powder coating service for aluminum extrusions, machined aluminum components, and fabricated aluminium parts, in the full spectrum of color, finishes and textures.
We provide a variety of grades of Thermosetting Powder coatings, including Epoxy, FBE, Epoxy- Polyester, Architectural Polyester, hybrids, Polyester, Super Durable Polyester, Polyurethane.


Equipped with two state of the art industrial CNC machining centers and one semi-automatic cutting line, the fabrication department is where precise milling, precision cutting-to-length, drilling, notching and other value-added industrial fabrication services are carried out.
From machining services to create intricate aluminium components with tight tolerances, to custom cutting, bending, and shaping of aluminum sheets for various applications, we offer a comprehensive range of aluminium fabrication services to meet the needs of our clients.