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Twisted Profile

Below we provide a brief synopsis of the project:

  • King Abdul Aziz International Airport, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Designer: NACO (Netherlands Airport Consultants B.V)
  • Consultant : Dar Al Handasah Group
  • Main contractor: SBG (Saudi Bin Laden Group)


Following years of intensive research and gradual development, alloys made from recycled aluminium have now become a fact: X-ECO. The name translates at once as an important quality of the product: equivalence. That is because the properties of our recycled aluminium alloys are equivalent to those of primary aluminium.


Aluminium Fire Rated Door
Fire-X87 is a unique fire rated hinged aluminium system featuring a frame width of 87 mm. It is designed to resist fire for more than 90 minutes. The special design of Fire-X87 incudes fire rated accessories, fittings and custom design patented insulations. Certified fire rated glass panels are used to ensure the ultimate performance of this unique system.

Hand Rail

Gulf Extrusions provided seamless fully fabricated hand rail for the prestigious Ramlet al-Baida beach in Beirut, Lebanon. The hand rail was specially extruded with 25 micron anodizing